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To Game or not to Game, That is the Question.
(Written: 29/08/2019, Updated: 04/12/2023)

Here I am - end of a long day, sitting by my computer, trying to maintain focus.

I've done some EBay seller admin, had a productive phone call and checked through my email, efficiently for a change.

Right now I'm thinking (in bullet points, of course)...

* I could play a video game,
* OR I could do some blogging.

Experience tells me that a "quick" blast on some old favorite shoot-em-up will actually end up in hours of beta-state ending at 3 in the morning and a guilty "gameover" when i wake up.

What I actually need to do is write up some blog articles and then head to bed.

Gaming is like cake - a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.
You can refund a game on Steam, but they can't give you your life back.

Perhaps I should play Portal ? Oh, but wait - the cake is a lie !

I guess I need to establish a new habit of blogging instead of gaming. There's still some dopamine involved, but, crucially, it's much more deferred dopamine. Deferred gratification they call it, I believe.

I enjoyed this: https://cindyledbetter.com/mind/

OK. I think I might be ready for it now.

* I've talked my way to a good position.
* My enthusiasm is rising.
* Now to strike while the iron is hot.

But first I have to cut open an EBay parcel and put the packing slip inside and tape it back up ready for tomorrow.

Yes, I've just had that moment. Don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about.


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