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The land that DHCP forgot.
(Written: 30/08/2019, Updated: 04/12/2023)

I've just spent a day doing a really fascinating bit of network diagnostics. And yes, you should imagine me saying this very loudly in a painfully nasal voice.

This sort of statement is usually the precursor to sensible men abandoning their pints and running screaming into the night.

I made a video about the problem, and everything. The video was 90 minutes long. That's a whole feature film's worth just about 1s and 0s bouncing around in a tangle of wires and wireless links.

When I've had some sleep and regained some necessary perspective I might update this article with some actual details.

Until then, please think of this as the technical equivalent of a Hollywood teaser trailer.

You can't wait, can you? You're going to have difficulty sleeping with anticipation. It's like Christmas. I know, I know.

Have patience. the 1s and 0s are coming... And this time, DHCP is for everyone.

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